Northbeam Technical Guides

Use these guides to learn about our platform and our data, or troubleshoot setup/tracking questions.

See an extensive list of guides using the left-side navigation, but find a brief description of each category below.

The Fundamentals of Northbeam

Understand the fundamental differences between Northbeam and any other environment.

These differences normally answer questions around data differences -- for example:

  • "Why is Northbeam data much different than in-platform?"
  • "My Northbeam ROAS and CAC is much lower than in-platform. What's going on?"

MTA Onboarding

Are you in the middle of onboarding and have questions? See our Implementation Guide.

Channel Setup Guides

Need help setting up tracking for a specific channel? We got you covered.

Troubleshooting Data

Have more questions about data differences or disparities? Here are a few guides to help:

Pixels and Events

Here's information on our Pixel and Event tracking.

Validating Your Data

After completing onboarding, it's important to double check your data to make sure everything is flowing into your dashboard as expected.

Dashboard Walkthroughs

Once you're fully onboarded, reference video walkthroughs reviewing our most popular pages, including the Overview Page and Sales Page. This way you could hit the ground running!

Admin Settings

Use these guides to learn about our admin-related functionalities.

Still Need Help?

Please reach out to our Support Team and we'll be in touch!